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In videoproduction we distinguish between ‘registration’ and ‘creation’.


During a ‘registration we capture the event in a professional fashion. This can be a concert, a performance or a lecture. We feel very affiliated with music an dance.

Big Band Nuenen

Below an example of a ‘simple’  registration made mid 2014 of the ‘Big Band Nuenen’ During this event Han was initially asked to do the audio engineering. In parallel the video was captured, albeit in a somewhat static way.  This recording of Big Band Nuenen is featuring Rob van Bavel on Piano and Maarten Janssens on Harmonica.

Rabih-Abou Khalil ‘Handmade’

This is a totally different example. A concert by the famous Lebanese Oud-player Rabih Abu Khalil in ‘Frits Philips’ (Eindhoven). The whole event took place on stage because the amount of tickets sold was quite limited. We were in the audience and literally sitting ‘on top of’ the musicians. Ths item was recorded ‘Han(d)made’ without pedestal using a super small compact camera  (Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 with a Leica lens)


Creation for us spans the whole cycle:  from (1) concept via (2) script, (3) and production, (4) to recording (5) editing (6) post production and  (7) publication.  An example of this approach is a small series of films we made together with the honorary consul for Austria, Jean Gelissen. Below examples are part of a pilot. The concept for the series was developed by Heide Marie Fischer, who also was responsible for production  and editing.  Han Stouten was responsible for camerawork. Jean Gelissen himself presented the programmes.

An other ‘pilot’ is this production about the Austrian ‘Waldviertel’ -region, narrated by Jean Gelissen himself.

For more examples of ‘creation’ as well as ‘registration’ video, also have a look at the ‘image-ination section’ on this site.

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