Over 30 years Projects and Programs

At ‘transvorm’ we have been involved for over 30 years in large, very large and extremely large projects and programs in Healthcare, Automotive, Electronics and the Semiconductors industry.  We have provided Program-Project and PMO services to Philips International, DAF trucks, DSM Corporate IT, PACCAR and ASML ‘Development & Engineering’

PMO setup and management

One of our specialties has always been the creation of Project Management Offices. (PMO’s) Offices, specialized in creating and controlling processes and procedures for large projects AND for reporting about these large projects. Both to the projects themselves as well as to higher Management.

As Projects and Programs are temporary ‘vehicles’, set up to reach certain business objectives, it is important for organizations to keep an eye on them.

The key to a succesful Project Management Office is data management. Good data management not only relates to financial flows and -streams and their context; it also focuses on less ‘graspable’ aspects like ‘Project succes’, ‘Project completion’  and ‘Process adherence’.

The COVID programme

It is with this background that we have been looking at the COVID 19 project. Yes indeed, COVID 19 is a project.  Actually it is a Programme to be very precise. A programme that -as it turns out- was planned already many many years a go,  with actors that -even today- do not even know they are on board. And -as in every project- there is a number of data models and there are data streams. Some more reliable than others. What sources are available?

EMA EudraVigilance database (Europe)

To record ‘Adverse Effects’ of drugs the EMA created ‘EudraVigilance’. Worried about the COVID ‘vaccine’ you got? Look it up yourself in EMA’s ‘EudraVigilance’. This is an Oracle database with a ‘BI’ layer on top. Click on the manufacturer name to see the ‘Adverse Effects’ registered as per today. Fasten your seatbelts!:

VAERS database (USA)

The USA pendant to EudraVigilance is the ‘VAERS’ system. The ‘Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System’, set up in the mid 80’s to track and trace adverse reactions of all vaccines administered all over the USA.

As it has been -awkwardly- decided by the authorities to call the experimental mRNa agents that were developed ‘vaccines’ as well, the COVID ‘vaccines’ are also reported in VAERS since the beginning of the programme.

VAERS presents public datasets in ‘CSV-format’ (‘Comma Separated Value’ -text files). These can be downloaded and used in Microsoft Excel and RDBMS-like applications by -for example- medical companies involved in vaccine production.


Inspired by the work of Craig Paardekooper, an English analyst, we have taken a thorough look in VAERS and we got some astonishing insights in how the mRNa agents are doing after being used for about a year.

The answer, I am afraid is shocking, to say the least… ‘Appauling’ is a better word..  Whilst many LOTS of COVID 19 ‘vaccines’ appear to do limited or no harm at all; a relatively small portion (± 5%) has shown to be extremely toxic.  This is seen in LOTs of Jansen, Moderna and Pfizer.

Fasten your seat belts!

Here an article with a summary overview of adverse reactions for Janssen, Moderna and Pfizer taken from VAERS