Effective media creation for Engineers step1


It is fair to say that within most companies, Power Point has become the main ‘conveyor belt’ for sharing ideas, opinions, challenges and solutions amongst professionals. Within Power Point we tend to use visuals more and more as a means for communication. Often as an extension of the data, but also because it is a more effective way to show the topic at hand. ‘A picture tells more than a thousand Words’ .

With the exponential growth of the number of cell phones and laptops, camera’s are literally everywhere. Strangely enough, however, we never got properly introduced in using these tools professionally in the most efficient way. The training ‘Media creation for Engineers’  is aiming at providing you as an Engineer with knowledge AND experience to create strong visuals with simple means.

About this training

In the training ‘media creation for engineers’, you will learn how to use the available visual means in the best possible way.  You will be provided with the theory and  you will practice in small teams, using preferrably your own equipment. Learning by doing in a ‘hands-on’ -fashion.

What is included in the ‘step 1’ training ?

Basic media psychology

  • Human information processing in general
  • The learning process of adults
    • How this translates to planning your media

Film language basics

  • Camera movements basics
  • Camera position basics
  • Basic picture composition

Recording good quality audio

  • The role of Audio in movies
  • Microphone types
  • Microphone techniques
  • Add-on digital recorders, like Tascam & Zoom
  • Audio improvement tips & tricks

Recording good quality video

  • Pedestals
  • Image stabilization tricks & tips
  • Basic Lighting techniques using simple means
  • Planning your message, planning your production
  • Video formats, resolutions and which one to use for what purpose

Recording and sharing presentations in a professional way using

  • WInTel PC’s, Apples, (i)Phones and (i)Pads
  • Apps like Mavis, VLC, Røde reporter and more
  • Your own DSLR’s or mirrorless Cameras

Popular tools & media

  • Camtasia
  • Microsoft STREAM
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

Tools included

Every participant will receive a handy set of practical universal tools to take home for enhancing the quality of their video and audio recordings.


After the training, you can subscribe to become member of ‘COVE’ the  ‘Community Of Visual Engineers’; an in-company community of practice aimed at sharing AV-experiences and to mutually improving your media skills.

Training preconditions: You

  • Have a general understanding of physics and optics
  • Are in a position where visual communication is (becoming) important
  • Are an active user of your phone’s camera and other AV-tools
  • Would like to improve your ability to communicate visually for professional audiences


  • On request, market conform, depending on conditions, location and group size.


  • Company premises, or at a nearby training location.

Your trainers
The trainers of this course have been active in creating documentaries and educational movies for over 30 years. Apart from that they have acted as soft- and hard skills trainers in the high-tech industry.

In short

  • 2 training days 09:00-17:00
  • On company premises or at a nearby training location
  • Training in English; Dutch, French, German spoken
  • Maximum group size: 12, minimum group size: 8
  • Bring your own device(s)!
  • Professional add-on equipment to take home
  • Free COVE® community membership


Send a mail to han.stouten@transvorm-consulting.eu to be informed about when and where the next session will take place. For groups we can work with your company’s training department to organize the training in detail.

Download training leaflet